TKN is Eyeing on 18 Percent of Undecided Voters


ENGLISH.LENTERA.CO.ID — The national campaign team (TKN) of presidential and vice presidential candidate number 01, Joko Widodo (Jokowi)-Ma’ruf Amin is trying to attract undecided voters. Based on data from the Indonesian Survey Circle (LSI), the number of undecided voters was around 18 percent.

“We are trying to get their votes,” said Head of TKN, Erick Tohir, in a written statement received in Jakarta on Wednesday (Feb 6).

Erick explained that TKN will continue to present facts and data, both related to presidential candidates number 01 and government achievements in developing the nation. It was done to attract voters who had not made their choice in the 2019 Presidential Election.

According to data compiled by TKN, the number of vote for presidential and vice presidential candidates 01 since the previous four months had not changed at 54 percent. Erick emphasized that there were a number of issues which had always been twisted, namely defamation about Jokowi’s connection with the Indonesia Communist Party (PKI), China, and the issue of foreign stooges.

The government of the Working Cabinet, according to Erick, had carried out development that had positive effects on the community. During the four years of the government led by President Jokowi, 782 kilometers of toll roads had been built.

The total target of toll road development until the end of 2019 in Indonesia was 1,854 kilometers. A number of village funds until the end of 2018 were also used to build 191 thousand kilometers of village roads, 58 thousand irrigation units, and 6,900 markets in a number of villages.

“The perceived benefits, travel time is more efficient, and the prices of basic foods are reduced due to decreased transportation costs,” Erick said, explaining the direct benefits of development to the community.

Erick added that Jokowi was also targeting to develop the quality of the nation’s human resources to improve Indonesia’s competitiveness. Meanwhile, he considered the political rival team often gave inconsistent promises because it was not supported by accurate data and distorted facts.

Source: Republika



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