Prabowo Regrets Hendropriyono’ Statement


ENGLISH.LENTERA.CO.ID — Presidential candidate Prabowo Subianto regretted former State Intelligence Agency (BIN) head AM Hendropriyono’s statement that warned Indonesians with Arabian descent (Arabian-Indonesian) should not provoke. He assessed Hendropriyono’s statement was racist.

“We see the statementt is racist and has the potential to make division between people in this nation,” said Prabowo in a press conference on Wednesday (May 5).

Prabowo said the statement was conveyed directly by people who were in a close circle of the current government. Neverthless, he has good assumption that Hendropriyono only made an accidentaly mistake.

“We believe that it might be his mistake and he didn’t mean like that,” Prabowo added.

Earlier, Hendropriyono said Arabian-Indonesian citizens, such as Rizieq Shihab and Yusuf Martak should not do provocative manners. He warned them because what they did assessed disturb the order.

“I warn Rizieq, Yusuf Martak, and those who shout out for revolution. It’s unconstitutional, damage the order and shouldn’t be like that,” said Hendropriyono.

Hendropriyono also denied his statement had the tendency, based on tribal affiliation, religion, race, and societal groups (SARA). According to him, many Indonesians with Arabian descent who have always fought in the name of this country.

“My ancestors are also Arabians, i don’t hate them. There’s nothing to do with SARA. I just remind them, that they have a significant role in the community,” Hendropriyono added.

Source: Republika



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